Saturday, January 16, 2016

More Acorns!


When I made my biscornu I also wanted to make a small bag to go with it.  So I have created a pair of small bags, one as a gift and one for myself, that use the acorn pattern. This time I used a couple of leaves and tossed in a wider interlace pattern for good measure. They measure 4 5/8" by 4 3/4" or 4 7/16". One has a seam down the center back, the other at the side. I may do more with the side seam. The openings for the ties are different and that is the only real reason for doing the seam down the back: the two buttonholes match. Minor detail there. Side seam makes a smoother uninterrupted back for more embroidery. I used the 18 count Aida cloth in oatmeal  (fabric color, not the breakfast) for a nice background color that would blend with the greens and browns. Lining is a cotton print of leaves in shades of green. Ties were made of a thin polyester lining fabric.

I added a tiny button to the center front of one. Haven't decided if I want to add one to the other bag.

The bags are personalized with cross-stitched initials and the names spelled out. In the one where the seam runs down the back it made it a little tricky when stitching in a line that happened to be centered in the design. I sometimes had to take two stitched to make it show up.

For the end of the ties I wanted to do something different. I wanted something that would go with the small size of the bags. I decided to try the Fimo clay that I had on hand. Bought it years ago, never got to use it. When baked at 265 degrees F for 30 minutes, it dries to a nice hardness that I think will be chip resistant and hold up pretty well. I poked deep holes into the acorns so the tie ends could be poked down into the acorns and glues in place.

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