Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fox In Sox

Here s a figure that I did to send to a friend. for Christmas. I liked the way it turned out so I made another one to send to another friend who has been a friend to foxes ever since I've known her. And I made and extra one for myself. 

The fox fold is made from two pieces of 5 1/2" squares of a reddish-brown colored origami paper and painted with acrylic paint.

The acrylic paint. The acrylic paint it thick enough to go on without being so wet that it warps the paper. It is thick enough so that just a couple of coats will give a sooth, opaque coverage.

The book I used for inspiration on this project was The World of Origami by Isao Honda, Japan Publications Trading Company, 1965. I first saw this book at the public Library in Panorama City. I was later able to buy a copy for myself. A few years ago I loaned it to a neighbor, didn't get it back, so went on line to get another copy. I' glad it is still in print! It is easy to follow and has a lot of very fun figures.

I like the big ears!

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