Saturday, July 26, 2014

What's New at the Orange County Fair?

After years of thinking about it, Rob finally nudged me to submit a few things. Good idea! Here are a few pictures, with some positive results.

They covered it over with a large sheet of clear plastic to help keep it clean...or to discourage people from touching it. I'll admit, I am a very tactile person and this is one quilt with lots of texture, especially with the extra puffiness and fluffiness of the lamb.

The last time I was at the OC Fair, maybe about 3 or 4 year ago, I remember that there were 4 pieces of some nice calligraphy there. So I decided to do a piece for this year. Rob suggested this selection from "The 13th Warrior".

My son Andrew took this photograph which is what I sent in to the Fair committee to see if it would be accepted for display. This was a juried show this year. I submitted 4 items and all 4 were accepted.

This is after it was properly matted, framed, and displayed. :) I'm already planning on something even bigger for next year. Once this is picked up after the Fair closes, I plan to take it out of the frame and have some good copies made that I will put up for sale. Size of just the calligraphy is 15" x 20".

I also included two hand-made books. One is a log book, meaning that the cover is wood. This means I have wood burning on it. 

That's an Honorable

Here are some of the photos that I sent in that show it in better lighting. These are what I sent in to the committee.

The next book is on display, near the calligraphy, but did not take a prize. Still, I'm delighted that it got into the show. The disc in the front is a woodburned piece.

Again, I would like to give credit to Andrew Garig-Meyer who helped immensely with the photo shoot so I could have good pictures to submit to the committee. Many thanks, Andrew!

The Orange County Fair runs from July 11th to August 10, 2014. 
You can check out their website at